10 March 2021

Dur Moment

My microwave is a 1,000 watt.

I noticed, today, that my White Castle cheeseburgers specify a 1,200 watt unit for the minute cook time.

I'd noticed that they didn't come out right rather often and this explains it.

It turns out that compensating for the difference is easy.  You just multiply the cook time by the relative power.

1,200 is 20% more than 1,000 so you add 20% more time to the cooking.

Thus the minute becomes 72 seconds and the cheese melts properly!

Thag lurn!


  1. You could step up in life and go to Krystal.
    --Tennessee Budd

    1. Krystal is the methadone to White Castle's heroin.

      I don't think I've ever seen frozen Krystal burgers, and getting to the nearest Krystal location involves going to a very bad hood.

  2. You will also often notice that they will specify random microwave wattage ranges that do not exist in nature.
    A number of frozen meal entries specified a wattage that no manufacturer offered for sale for retail household use.
    Noting that the wattage was commonly available on microwaves at five times retail price, from commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers, running on 3-phase 220-240V, or something equally stupid, was little help.

    I wanted to cook dinner, not open a diner next to a nuclear power plant.

    Using the time finagle is somewhat more helpful, and while straight math works for White Castle burgers, for other items it isn't just a straight conversion, but a minimum heat x optimum time calculation.

    I suppose just printing a specific time for ovens actually available for sale at larger retail establishments was something too hard for the 20-something MBA bean counters to think of, all on their own. Let alone, I dunno, maybe calling those retail establishments, and finding out the most popular models sold, first, instead of telling people that their food would be perfect after only 2 minutes at 1.21 gigawatts.

    Just spitballing, but I'm pretty sure the kids who ran with scissors and ate the craft paste in kindergarten (who survived to majority) all get jobs in corporate management of consumer products. It would explain quite a bit, actually.

  3. I am dazzled by the precision of white castle given that any off the shelf microwave is probably +/- 10% on the power output for the acceptance test before leaving the factory (then again, China, so YMMV).


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