17 March 2021

Uh... Pilot... Um... Diaaaaaaaaaalog

I used to fly a lot.

I've known a lot of pilots.

A recurring joke is how when they get on the intercom to say something to the passengers they suddenly develop a speech impediment full of 'uhs' and 'ums' and stretching out vowels.

Watching Mad Men and they have a pilot making an announcement and wishing the crew of Apollo 11 luck.  In perfect diction.

A method actor would have caught that.


  1. That they would have...sigh

  2. I just retired as an airline pilot, in the woke era, anything on the PA could get you in trouble with your SJW flavor of the month. So I gave announcements that sounded like Charlie Brown's school teacher in the Charlie Brown special cartoons...Waaaaas, Waaaaa Waaaaaaa waaaaaaaaw...In the final three years, nobody noticed!


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