19 March 2021

Had It

Marvyn just got some tests back.

He's got the Wu Ping Cough antibodies.

The Boy and I were sick before he was, and we're pretty sure we gave it to Marv.

Marv took the nose swab and was negative...

He ended up with pulmonary inflammation and some lung scarring from the event, that's why they tested him for anti-bodies.

We think that the reason he tested negative is his reluctance to get to a doctor took so long that the disease had run its course.

The Boy and I were certainly riding hind-tit for a while.  We had over 100° fevers for about a week and massive fatigue.  I lost my sense of smell, but kept my sense of taste.

I think Marv's anti-body test confirms our suspicions.

1 comment:

  1. I think I've had it twice, the first time before the freakout started - I had a fever for 3 days and appetite loss for 3 weeks.
    I've never had a sense of smell, so I couldn't tell you if I lost it.


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