27 April 2018

ø95mm Solar Filter

Thanks to the generosity of FuzzyGeff I have a ø95mm solar filter.

Since the "native" filter adapter for the SX20 IS is for ø67mm, I got a ø67mm to ø95mm step-up adapter for it.

No tripod this time!  I am not sure if there's no sunspots or if my camera is set wrong to see them.


  1. Check this page updates daily:

    The sun is and has been very quiet lately

    1. Thanks! Their picture looks a lot like mine...

  2. If you're focused well enough to see a sharp limb, you'd see spots if there were any.

    Spaceweather.com is tracking one tiny spot on the sun. Big Image

    We're going into solar minimum, though, so there will be more days without spots for a few years.

    1. We're into years of few spots already.

      Based on what the nearest main sequence variable star is doing, I predict there's not going to be a lot of actual warming...


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