23 April 2018

Dear Mr Shabazz

Not one square inch of Florida was stolen from you or your people.

Your solution to your distant, African, ancestors being sold into slavery by another African people is reparations in the form of handing you Florida in its entire exclusively for blacks.

Since you bring up reparations, OK, let's have them.
You and your kind owe 360,222 lives to us white people.

Those people died to emancipate your ancestors from slavery.

They paid the ultimate price to give you the precious gift of freedom.

What are you doing with that gift, you ingrate?

Demanding more?

Are you saying The South didn't pay?

The history of Reconstruction says otherwise.

But the idea of creating a homeland for black people where they can live and thrive without the influence of Evol Whitey has been done before.

It's called Liberia.

But let us return to your bill, Mr Shabazz.

Using the national average of $37,050,000.00 for a wrongful death settlement times the number of lives sacrificed we get $13,346,225,100,000.00.

Yes, Mr Shabazz, that's more than thirteen trillion US dollars.  Got that on you?

I will even be FAIR about it and not even apply 153 years of compound interest to the equation.

So until you've paid off the weregeld on 360,222 Union soldiers lives, you can just go fuck off about demanding anything from anyone else.


  1. Pay them reparations in Confederate bank notes.

    1. Confederate bank notes are highly collectible and worth a lot more than you'd think...


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