24 April 2018

"Heart Attack" Update

Now that I'm done panicking, I can tell where the pain is actually originating from.

The cartilage of my sternum is really sore.  My back between my shoulder blades likewise.

I did some stretching, reaching and bending and got some epic cracks and pops from my back and it feels a ton better.

With my back all twisted up like that, it's no wonder I didn't sleep for crap last night.

For bonus panic attack fun!  When I laid on my side, exhaling would cause a twinge of pain from my sternum and fire off the fear response all over again; but only if I was just if I was on the edge of falling asleep.

Edit to add:

I also have two other recurring problems which makes it hard to tell if something is seriously wrong. 

I get heartburn at random; I just can't handle the diet that cures that! BLECH!

I also have an allergy induced inflammation of my chest wall.  So I get symptoms in the spring most often, this irritation makes me sit and move at odd angles to seek relief which tosses out my back, causing more pain and more contortion to find relief.

I recently saw a meme where they asked you if you'd like to be 10 with everything you know now or 45 with a huge sum of money.

I pick 10.  Knowing the roadmap of all my mistakes means I could have the huge pile of money by the time I made 45 again.  Never mind that I'd be getting a full ride scholarship to college for to become an officer rather than enlisting.

1 comment:

  1. 30 year old me would tell 10 year old me to join the damn Air Force and study meteorology in college.


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