21 April 2018

I Am Led To Believe That This Did Not Happen

School shooting in Ocala, Florida.

It could not have happened because we passed a totally and completely NOT gun-control gun-control law back in March.

The shooter, being younger than 21 could not have bought the weapon.

The shooter did not use a bump stock, so nobody could have gotten hurt.

The school is a designated gun-free zone, so the shooter could not have brought the gun onto school grounds.

All schools in Florida, as a matter of policy, require non-students to register with the office and get a visitor's pass before entering school grounds.  The shooter was not a student of this school, so he must have gotten such a pass before he realized that he couldn't take his gun into a gun-free zone.

No word on if the shooter was wearing a clear backpack while he lugged a "sawed off" shotgun inside an unsearched and unexamined guitar case.

If the weapons turns out to actually be a "sawed off" shotgun, that too is impossible because you cannot even possess, let alone own an NFA firearm without being at least 21.  Never mind that it would have been impossible for him to make such a shotgun because he wasn't old enough to apply for the Form 1 to get permission.

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  1. But you know, we need more legislation...


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