22 April 2018

Urf Dae

Just for Earth Day, I made dozens of little trips to get small things which could have been done in a single trip.  I drove my gas-guzzling 436hp two-seater and didn't even bother using the overdrive gears.

I bought an Aquavit which is shipped from Norway, all the way around the world, and back to Norway just to age it; then to the US. 

The beer pictured above is made in München, Deutschland.  It's shipped to the US too.


  1. I, too did my part. Hit the trap field yesterday and sent 10.5lbs of lead shot and 150 plastic wads downrange. I also tossed the hulls into the trash since they were at the end of their reloadable life and soon they will be in a landfill somewhere. I am very pleased with myself that I returned all these precious things back to nature where they belong..............

    1. Marlin Perkins Voice> Here we see the natural habitat of the spent shotgun hull; the landfill.

  2. Love the Hoffbrau Original... Mmmm... :-)

    1. I'd love to find a supply of Stuttgarter Hofbräu. I was weaned on that.



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