21 August 2018

I Am Glad I Said "Might Be"

Thank you, Dear Readers, for your outpouring of support here, on my Facebook and (of all places) Aesop's.

It's also clear that there's people who wanted to comment who cannot because of the comment settings requiring a google account.  Used to be more options than that which didn't lay the place bare to spambots.  I have Google Account, Allow Anonymous and No Comments to choose from.

I don't like selecting no-comments because I do, kind of, want the feedback.  Not critical reviews, but some feedback.  Without such feedback it becomes very easy to forget that there is an audience, and if I didn't want an audience, I could do this with Open Office.  It'd be a diary instead of a journal.

The two things I hate most about allowing anonymous comments is people don't sign their comment, and thus stop being anonymous and how much spam that they generate.

I have long been considering moving the blog to something non-google, but inertia is a bitch.

Thanks again for your support, those who gave it.

To those who didn't, well this is my circus and they are my monkeys.  You don't start a blog without some vanity to display.  I'd tell the Queen of England, "Bitch, you're in MY house, you bow to ME!" were she here.


  1. We all need, somedays, to step back from even the best things in life and re-evaluate. I do it all the time around food...

    Glad you're back. And, yeah, Google has become an all-encompassing evil overlord, but it works, somewhat.

  2. FYI Wordpress allows for comments where you just need to enter an email (actually had some long-time commenters who consistently entered fake emails) and there are AWESOME anti-spam plug-ins.

    There are a few blogs I read for opposition research that I'm always amused at their conversational style and ZERO comments like ever.

    They remind me of the crazy guy on the subway arguing with an empty chair.

    Also personally when I read something good I want to be able to respond.

    But yeah, glad you're back, I read damn near every day, and this medium is ideal for the type of content you create so well!

  3. Dang it, of all the times for me to be out of town with a connection that makes cans and string look luxurious. I read regularly, and comment infrequently, and it's nice to have written proof that there's at least one other person who uses GURPS with insightful and often amusing examinations of "But how would GURPS?"

    Take the blog where you may and I'll endeavor to follow. I should jumpstart the corpse of my own blog at some point...


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