07 August 2018

I Wish It Was A Marketable Skill

I am a Grandmaster at alienating people.

You're reading this blog, you should be able to see my deft people skills at work!

I'm pretty sure I did it again with a meatspace friend last Sunday.

He's not the kind that would respond to the insult.  He's the kind that gets quiet until the social situation is over and you just never get invited over again.

I am presently uninvited.

My own damn fault too.

He's also the sort who'll avoid places where I'm likely to be encountered, so saying "I'm sorry," just won't happen.

I, likewise, am not the sort to hunt him down to say I'm sorry because, frankly, I'm embarrassed by my "talent" and depressed that I have not learned to control it.

One reason for that lack of control is just more than half the time, people are laughing.  Probably at me, rather than with me, but for a while that means they want me around.

Then one day...

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  1. It sucks but it happens. I know, as I have been known to lay a conversational turd a time or two. And having to literally shut up and not talk to people for my wife's sake at her work, at her play, at her school.

    If you are still interested in pursuing an association with the person, and you have someone who associates with both of you, you can use that person as a go-between to attempt to mend fences.

    Be yourself. Don't try to change things too much. That way, changing for the sake of others, leads to madness. You have enough on your plate already that you don't need to be worried about constantly duck-taping your mouth shut.

    The critical question is, does your wife still talk to you? That's what matters. Every circle of association farther than that is of lesser consideration.

    That is, if you can stand yourself. Can you? If so, don't sweat it.

    (I am someone who benefits greatly by the more easily edited format of blogging and e-mailing, yet I still manage to put my gunboat-sized feet directly into my mouth on a regular basis.)


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