26 August 2018

It Doesn't Work Like That

Threatening to not buy something you're already not buying is not a boycott.

If you're not a customer already, then refusing to become one has nearly zero effect on a company's bottom line.

My "boycott" of the NFL had no effect on them because I boycotted them before the kneeling bullshit.

Hogg's boycott of S&W will have the same effect.

He wasn't going to be buying anything S&W makes, ever, so who cares?

The big difference between my boycott and his?  I know what effect I'm having.


  1. Out of all the gun companies in the US, they choose S&W, the ones that paid dearly for sucking up to Gun Control.

    The boy is not burdened with an overabundance of schooling, is he?

  2. This is actually a good thing. Remember, the purpose of punishment is correction. Smith & Wesson caved to the gun grabbers and were punished for it, now they have a chance to show they've learned from the experience.


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