29 August 2018

Two Reasons

The two main reasons I don't want to have Governor Scott become Senator Scott.

First he did not veto Bil 7026.

Second he did not allow a special election to replace my state senator.

As narrow as the margins were for passage of 7026, filling those seats might have kept me from having my first objection.

I was left unrepresented in the state senate during this crucial time.


  1. He may become senator, but he will do so without my vote

  2. Hey Angus;

    I thought you were in GA?

    1. Nope, I'm a carpetbagger from Iowa in Florida.

  3. Hey Angus;

    A carperbagger is from east of the Mississippi and Florida don't count as a "Southern State" ,lol

    1. Are you saying I married an Indian and made an anchor baby for nothing?

    2. I do agree, you have to go north to get to The South from here.


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