31 July 2019

Dear Poland

Germany won't help in the Persian Gulf.

Dear Poland,

Want some payback?

I don't think any US forces should be risked protecting a nation which won't even send logistics support on an operation which protects their own interests far more than our own.

How much of Germany do you want, Poland?

The empty shell of Die Heer should be a push-over, especially since Frau Merkel's defense plan is to let the US do it for her.


  1. Well, at least Poland's Leopard tanks work, unlike Germany's, which is sad, since they're made in Germany.

    Oh, how the mighty Krauts have fallen...

  2. Hey Angus;

    No kidding, I remembered in the 1980's the "HEER" was top notch. Now they can't build a frigate, and they use their money from the troops to take care of the "Migrants".


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