03 July 2019


I hate Disney.

I'm no fan of the present run of Star Wars films.

Walt Disney World is eyewateringly expensive.

I've been to Walt Disneyland in Anaheim several times and that's inoculated me to wanting to see the one with the giant silver golfball.

Until now.

This is, by far, the stupidest case of the wants I've ever had.

I wanna build my own light saber at the Savi's Workshop in the Star Wars Galaxy section of Walt Disney World.

It's a bit of theatrical fun.

A detailed review of the accessories.

Where it really hurts...  The wallet.

First you need to park.  That's $25 to $50 depending on the date and how close to the gate you wanna get.

Then you need to get inside.  $116.09 per person with Florida Resident discount.  Disney World is an oppressive gun-free-victim zone too.

Now you pay for the Savi's Workship experience.  $212.99 each.

There is no possible way that I could sneak out on my own and do this.  The Lovely Harvey totally wants a red bladed one.  The Boy, who absolutely loves ALL the Star Wars movies (and comics) couldn't possibly be expected to live without a purple bladed one.

Me?  I've wanted a good one since Chris McKelvey and I made some from golf tubes, flashlights and colored cellophane.  I am not sure what color I'd choose.

If we didn't eat or drink anything in the park, $1037.24 for peak season preferred parking for the three of us.  That can get quite pricey, some places even quoting $100 per person per meal.

I guess we could ride the rides too.

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