15 July 2019


GURPS: Psionic Powers doesn't introduce or replace anything in the Basic Set.

It's got modified and specialized versions of the powers from Basic Set with enhancements and limitations applied.

The Force is mostly Telekinesis.

Bog standard TK will suffice for virtually everything seen in the films.

But Psionic Powers has TK Crush.  TK Crush isn't telekinesis.  It's a 1 point Innate Attack (Crushing) per level with several enhancements and limitations to make it work like telekinesis.

There's a technique called Throat Squeeze which makes you think you want to take TK Crush to play Lord Vader's Promotion Board...


Normal, everyday, Telekinesis lets you do anything you can do with two hands using your TK power.  Page B370 has the rules for conventional choking.

They work different and you'd have to decide if TK Crush is worth the extra points for a faster damage rate.

Lord Vader is using TK Crush and Throat Squeeze.

Luke, in Return of the Jedi, is using standard TK to choke on that Gamorrean guard.

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