05 July 2019


A while back I was watching videos from the civil war in Syria.
A group of men were pinned down on a bridge (camera operator among them).

Every time one of them showed anything over the concrete wall on the side, SPACK!

After three of them got kinetic trepanation the rest stopped sticking things over the wall.

This is the image that keeps coming to me when I hear about Antifa and Reneck Revolt buying guns.

I've also seen a few videos showing "left wing militia" groups enthusiastically "training" and doing a bit of run-and-gun with ranges not exceeding 10 yards and no attempt to use cover or concealment.

I don't think they understand whom is the most likely group of people who will be shooting back.

I don't think they understand that what they think of as quite long distance aren't more than a "fair shot."  I remember back to the DC Sniper case and how the press kept emphasizing the "long" ranges and every one of my shooting friends marveling at how close the shooting was done from.

Those guys really weren't shooters and were shooting in an area where the chance of a reply was very low.

I really don't think they understand what they might find under the rocks they keep kicking.


  1. And they can continue in their beliefs. Let them learn the hard way: by "kinetic trepanation". (I love that)

    1. "kinetic trepanation". That is good, Angus!! Congrats.


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