18 July 2019

Design 4 With Mods

An awaaaaaaay we go!

Even with the added electronics this will still be cheaper than a trip to DisneyWorld's®™© Galaxy's Edge®™© Savi's Workshop®™©.

Fuck the Mouse!®™©

This has the fun of doing it ourselves even if I picked and chose from a pile of premade bits.

If we want to do the Savi's Workshop experience, that's really more The Boy's speed.  He'll get more out of it than I will.


  1. Thumbs up! Thanks for the info on Custom Saber Shop.

    Han shot first!

    BTW, if you haven't caught them, YouTube is literally swarming with comments to the effect that Galaxy's Dredge, and even D-Land itself, are ghost towns every day, 24/7, in July.
    And they bring the photo proof to back it up. people are staying away from this bomb in droves. Internal Mauschwitz boards have them laying off 1600 seasonal help, because WDC spent $1B, and is taking this one in the pants at the ticket booths, every day.

    I'd be surprised if some higher ups at WDC have retired, they just haven't been told yet.
    Nobody with stockholders sets a billion dollars on fire, plus ongoing losses, and walks away clean.

    1. I've been surprised that I'm avidly following the ghost town vids!

      I've not been able to find if it's just The Mouse or if it's all the parks in the area in a slump.

      Many of the Star Wars fandom youtubes have indicated that the choice to go Post-Last Jedi for the setting and not recreate a location from any of the films hurts the desire to go there.

      I can see them being able to tweak the setting to make it resonate more with the fandom, like calling it Mos Eisley or even Jeddah from Rogue One. The secret saber shop works a bit better in a Rogue One timeline because there's this Vader dude actively hunting Jedi down...

    2. It's just Mouseland.
      Knott's Berry Farm (the people who brought you boysenberry anything) is only a couple of miles away, and it's got all the bustling D-land lacks.
      And Uni Studios reports record crowds for Potter-land Hogwarts rides, etc.

      Galaxy's Dredge bellyflopped hard, into an empty pool, and it's pulling Disneyland and California Adventures down the drain with it like an expanding black hole of Suck.

      Even the MSM is starting to notice the buzz.
      Go short on WDC stock. This is going to leave a mark.


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