31 July 2019

Pointing And Laughing Is Forbidden By VA Policy

On Friday I went back to the doctor to follow up on my rotting pecker.

It's MUCH better, but not as eradicated as the doc would like.

Prescription strength meds on the way!

Because it wasn't eradicated by the over-the-counter meds by now; she went into "The patient is lying about being a married man and must have actually had some sex somewhere in here."

She ordered a full round of STD tests!

I do not have:

Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C

Ma'am, you have to have sex with someone else to catch those; I'm married.  There is no nookie thanks to the chilling effect on the libido from wedding cake.

She also gave me an interesting lecture about herpes.  You can have it for decades and not know.

Ididnotknowthat.  Thatissomescaryshitrightthere!

I was not a very careful person about sex before I were married (and, honestly, neither was The Lovely Harvey). 

Imagine the awkward conversation to explain that you've had herpes all this time and haven't been cheating!

Another test that was performed, to figure out what fungus/yeast we were dealing with was a scraping of the affected area.

This is exactly what it sounds like and you don't want them to do it to you.

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