24 July 2019

Longer Life Than "Real"

The Force Sword in GURPS: Ultra Tech will run for 300 seconds (5 minutes) on a single "C" Powercell.

With 262 LED in the 36" of blade pulling 8mA to 20 mA each for 2,096 to 5,240 mA.

The prop-toy will run for...

9 to 24 minutes on 3x 14500 Sanyo cells.
6 to 14 minutes on 3x 14500 Chinesium cells.

39 to 97 minutes on 3x 18650 Sanyo cells.

Darth The Lovely Harvey has indicated that 5-10 minutes is enough play time for her.


  1. Man I hate logging in to google...

    I don't know what kind of lighting figures you are looking at with your LEDs. Have you thought about running the blade as a lightguide and reflector cap rather than with LEDS down the middle?

    I don't know if it is feasible but just to throw around some numbers lets say the light source is a newer compact light like an FW3A it takes a single 18650 cell and runs 3 leds (Cree XP-L). It will put out 160 lumens (17% output) for about 7.5 hours numbers gathered at source.

    Of course that would involve all kinds of other geekery and sourcing of materials; PMAA vs polycarbonate, hollow vs solid, interface materials etc...

    and that doesn't even go in to power/heat management.

    1. Thank you for enduring the log-in process!

      Two things are going on that "require" us to us LED strips.

      First the "progressive" lighting we first noticed with the Savi's Workshop blades and pondering how they did it. It's the killer app of the Neopixel blade over a light tube and mirror.

      Second, Marv is utterly obsessed with these light strips and playing with them.

      I was content with the 2813 strips, but Marv is making the blades and electronics for 2815; I'm along for the ride here.

      The Custom Saber Shop has everything I need to do a Cree LED with more run-time and less battery.

      We're past that now. Delving the dark tortured path of the Marvyn Mind.


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