12 July 2019

Too Easy?

Sat down to make a Jedi with GURPS.

It's too simple.

Expensive, but straight forward.

The only mystery is how to turn precognitive parry into a way to reflect blaster fire back at a target.

I'm going to keep at it to establish a point level.

This raises another reason to make the Star Wars campaign either Jedi or No Jedi.  The point levels will be wildly different.

This is similar to what happens with GURPS: Twilight: 2000:  The Ranger Template is over 200 points, but a normal eleven-boo can be easily be made with 150.  If you give the players enough points to be Rangers, the other players have too many points for their conceptions.


I can make it considerably more complicated and expensive by using Psionic Powers instead of the default Basic Set rules.

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