05 July 2019

Oh You Need Us Now?

Trump campaign worried about NRA implosion.

Gee, Don, Republicans; maybe if you'd done something for us these past three years...

I think, at the core of this, the NRA implosion has a lot more to do with how ineffective the NRA has been at getting the tide reversed.

We want MORE.  We never wanted the status quo.  We never accepted the ratchet slowly eliminating our rights.

We want our rights restored, and many of us were willing to take small, incremental, steps to get there.  Especially since we'd been losing our rights in the same death of a thousand cuts manner.

We asked, over and over, "where the fuck are you NRA?"

We've been asking "what's going on up there?" to the point where grifting do-nothing pro-gun groups appeared to be a viable alternative.

Now Trump and The Republicans are worried?

What have you done for us in return for our vote?

How are you better than Obama and The Democrats for us?

Obama failed to ban bumpstocks, Trump succeeded.  Explain to me, again, why I should be worried about you being nuked off over guns?

With a soulless monster like Hillary in office, at least we could count on The Republicans FIGHTING gun control.

President Trump, you want our vote you don't need The NRA.  Want us to come out in supportive droves?

Declare an NFA amnesty.  You don't need Congress to do so.  This will somewhat salve the anger about bumpstocks.

Order the Secretary of The Army to release the second tranche of M1911A1's to CMP, do it publicly.

Vocally demand CCW reciprocity.

Do those three things on your own, and we will get the word out.

But you're not going to see more than tepid support for being merely not anti-gun; especially since the only gun related thing you've done so far hasn't been pro-gun at all.


  1. Very well said.

    My question to Trump would be, "Forget talking points; what have you actually done for gun owners?"

  2. "Declare an NFA amnesty."

    Yes. This.

    I've been saying this for years.

    It was intended to happen often according to NFA'34/GCA'68.

    If they did an amnesty, the supply of transferable Machine Guns would grow exponentially.

    From the maybe 150k-170k to 1-2 million on the low end to maybe 10+ million.

    I know I'd amnesty register a dozen DIAS or however many I could make from a correctly sized length of bar stock.

    (For legal purposes, this comment is about hypothetical actions after a NFA amnesty was declared.)

  3. Holy shit. That Politico screed is complete crap. The Left has, once again, fucked up causation, correlation and true common sense they ignore.

    They don't get it. NRA can self immolate tomorrow but liberty minded peeps will still vote (ballot or rooftop) to not have their rights subjugated. Was the NRA a voice for like minded ppl? You bet. Will the core liberty steed hold ground? I'm pretty sure. There are other orgs helping/voicing to keep us out of boxcars.

    This is so annoying. The lie that the NRA is the sole arbiter of 2A rights.

    Also, Trump may have fucked himself for 2020. Way to go, oh ye of NRA praising, pontificating protecting rights while bending us over.

  4. Or if there has to be a bump stock ban, combine it with the hearing protection act, and perhaps DJT could open a window to register as transferable pre fopa select fire rifles


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