29 July 2019

New Paradigm

I am rapidly discovering two things about everything I think is interesting or important.

The first is they are never interesting or important to anyone else.

The second is that I am completely wrong about whatever it is.

There's more to it than that, but those are the core things.

It's like I live in a delusional Dunning-Kruger state at all times.

To the point I am wondering what accidental happenstance has allowed me to keep breathing in the correct sequence all these years.

I do know one thing.  There's endless topics that I cannot understand because I am not a subject of that topic.

I cannot understand women's rights or feminism because I am not a woman.

I cannot understand what it's like to be a racial minority because I am not a racial minority.

I cannot understand anything about LGBT rights because I am not LGBT myself.

Anything I think I know about any of these topics is wrong, see Dunning-Kruger.

In short, I am discovering that I am an irredeemable bigot who hates everyone and everything not like myself who'd been thinking that I didn't hate anyone.

I am happy that I have been put in my place by my betters and I will endeavor to never leave it again.


  1. Hey Angus;

    "It is good that you accept your place in the universe, that means that you won't be sent to an reeducation camp, you have been enlightened and are now "woke" to your privilege. To atone for your past misdeeds, you will have have to perform community service by assisting Representative Frederick Wilson in her reelection campaign and you will be used to help inform other bigots of their wrongthink. She will be pleased to have a vassal such as yourself. You can look for a bump in your food ration and carbon credits. YOur leigelord Fredericka working in tandem with Her Royal Highness Kamela Harris will bring a new era of enlightenment to the country.

    I can keep going with that line of bullshit, LOL. But seriously though...who did you get into a debate with and they dropped the race or victim card on you?

  2. I'm an equally unrepentant asshole. We should form a club or something.


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