11 July 2019

On Ropes And LIghtposts

JKB and Miguel are sparring over what happens when people, that is The People, notice that the "justice" system is two tiered and they're in the bottom tier.

The fact that it hasn't happened yet means that The People are aware of where it can lead.  Feeding the machine is bad.

The problem is, what if there is no other way for justice to operate?

The laws and the courts are a deal.

We surrender vendetta and eye-for-an-eye for laws, courts and judges to enforce justice evenly and without prejudice.

When the government welshes on the deal, they are in breach of contract and we get our Right of Vendetta back.

The reversion to Vendetta is supposed to be the Sword of Damocles dangling over The State's head and convincing them to keep to the deal.

Vendetta being endless and ever expanding is why The People want to make the deal with The State to administer justice.

We're perilously close to vendetta and lynch mobs.

I'm not happy about this state of affairs, but I am powerless to stop it.

People like Epstein need to go to jail, not get deals.  Actually be punished.

Groups like Antifa need to be punished as severely as the Klan would be.

People like Hillary Clinton need to see the inside of a locked prison cell for as long as a lowly Army E5 would for the same violation of handling of classified materials.

Truly impartial and unimpeachable justice does not hinge on whom you know, but if you're truly innocent.

If we lose that, no few cops are going to be hanging from lamp posts too, rest assured The People have noticed who's dirty and who's not even if IA doesn't or the unions prevent meaningful punishments.

We don't want lynch mobs or vendetta, but when the tool box is emptied of all the other tools, what else can we do?

The last tool is revolution.  If you thought lynch mobs were a bad idea, just wait until you see a civil war up close.

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  1. "Law is the manifest will of the people, the conscious rule of the community. And when the mechanics of law enforcement break down, they must be re-established."
    --Judge Benson, "No Name on the Bullet"


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