17 July 2019

That's A Win!

The Old Mac Pro...

I keep her running.

The RAM is a mis-mash.

She originally came with 4x512mb DDR2 FB-DIMM PC2-6400 RAM sticks.

Last week I noticed an LED was showing a failure on one of the sticks.

One of the original 512s, but only a partial fail since it was still reporting to the OS as present.

I had 2x 512mb, 1x 1gb, 2x 2gb, and 2x 4gb for a total of 15gb installed.

Amazon had a 2x4gb kit for a mere $30.

It arrived today.

I yanked the 2 512mb sticks and installed the 2x4gb.

The "About This Mac" now says I have 30 total installed gigabytes.

Seems someone screwed up and actually shipped me 2x8gb!

I'll take it.

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