05 July 2019

First It Was Bumpstocks

Do you have an SBR you're calling a pistol because your stock is called a brace?

You might want to check out what ATF has been doing.

Any Other Weapon (AOW) is a catch-all, and has been since 1934.

It's dangerous to actively seek the loopholes in codified law, be careful out there.


  1. omgosh, I missed this post other times I visited. What is going on here? Earlier it was the whole bump stock hyperventilating from The Left. Before that t was "silencer", which there is no such thing. Sound suppressors yes, silencers, nyet. Now this with the braces? WTF, Angus, seriously; this is continued incrementalism eroding the 2A. This sh-t has to stop. What do we do?

    1. Because ATF has ruled that a pistol that's under 26" long becomes an AOW if you attach a vertical fore-grip to it; someone wrote tech branch and asked where they should measuring.

      They were told that it should be measured without any accessories mounted, and the brace is an accessory.

      What needs to stop is the regulating agency getting to define something they regulate.

    2. Appreciate the additional info. Thanks.


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