13 July 2019

Going Full Geek

I got Marvyn all interested in figuring out how to make a light saber with a neo-pixel blade.

And figure he has!

He figures that the most expensive thing will be the LED light strips.

We're probably still going to end up around the same price as a trip to Disney for a Savi's Workshop saber, but ours will truly be unique to us.

Our resolve is buoyed by watching a couple of former ILM employees talking about how they made the actual sabers for the films.

They, essentially, used trash and scrap.

So some aluminum tubing, a chop saw, drill press, some taps, rivets and epoxy...  Robert's your mother's sister's husband.

Definitely going to have pics of the builds!


  1. Do Not Buy the expensive Adafruit NeoPixels.

    Full Stop.

    Get the ws2812 strip from AliExpress.

    1. They're between $10-15 for the 1m 144leds shipped to your house.

    2. The ws2812 is the brand strip Marv was talking about. He quoted $17 per strip shipped.

    3. He's saying the ws2813 is better because it has dual data lines.

    4. Good, those should work fine.

      I just didn't want you to be paying $60+ for them.


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