20 July 2019

Fight For $15

There was once a time when I was an up and coming mechanical draftsman where I was making $15 an hour.

I worked for a small medical life-support firm in Des Moines.

I was responsible for drawing and dimensioning parts which would be manufactured off-site, and sometimes off-shore, where putting the wrong dimension on the part would make it not fit, or worse, not work.

Literally someone could die if the dimensions put the part out of tolerance at the extreme edges of the operation envelope.

Minimum wage was $4.65 at the time.

Iowa minimum wage is $7.25 now, so my drafting job should be worth $23.39 an hour now.


$15 an hour and the idiot at McDonald's can't manage to get the cheese and fish filet centered on the fucking bun?

Close enough still has a 3/8" tolerance; AND THEY MISS IT!

They're not doing a job worth the Florida minimum of $8.46 an hour right now and they want a fucking raise?

Snowflake, the minimum wage is $0 an hour.  Don't think a robot can't replace you.

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