20 July 2019

I Wonder If He'd Do It

Buzz Aldrin is a character.

I wonder if he'd participate in an April Fool's "documentary" discussing his "career" as an actor and his involvement in making fake moon landings.

The twist would be that while faked, it wasn't the fakery the tinfoil hat people claim.

They filmed on the moon.

The fake part was the Saturn V and Apollo...  They used the flying saucer tech from Roswell to get to the moon but didn't want to give away how far ahead we were to the Soviets...


  1. If you do ask, stay out of arm's reach. He's been known to get punchy with conspiracy theorists...

    1. Oh I'd be as clear as possible that I didn't BELIEVE the poppycock I was talking about.

      And that it's an April Fool's joke, including an "April Fools!" shout at the end.

  2. ROTFLMAO! He probably would...

  3. This morning, I was watching the video of the time he popped that guy in the face. The guy was being an a**hole, and you clearly hear Buzz tell the guy he was too close and to back off. In the escalation of the building conflict, the guy then calls him a liar and a fraud. If he's getting closer and heating up his rhetoric as he gets closer, I can see justification for that. It's pretty straightforward escalation of force stuff.

    If Buzz had double tapped him and left him DRT, that would have been excessive force, but popping the guy in his face was richly deserved.

  4. Oh, I'd love to see them do that! Particularly if they said that Stanley Kubrick was in charge of the moon footage, and being a perfectionist, he insisted on shooting on-location...on the moon! "And we borrowed the Nazi Flying Saucers from their secret base in Antarctica, got the Little Green Men to help, and the rest was easy!"

  5. I'd go nazi flying saucer technology. More believable than aliens...


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