22 July 2019


Willard and I have gone round in circles about this very procedure.

His position is that if you just close the vent all the way and be a man about the recoil.

I trend on the "do it like the book says" and set mine up that way.

What is certain, and Ian confirms it, is to pick the ammo you're going to use and leave the thing alone once the gun's cycling.

I set mine up, initially, with Magtech "NATO Spec" ball.  This turned out to be undergassed for ZQ1 "NATO Spec" ball, but fine for Malaysian M80 and Hornady 168gr V-Max.


  1. I believe that the Malaysian ammo is L2A2 spec.

    1. https://www.forgottenweapons.com/ammo-evaluation-malaysian-l2a2-7-62x51mm/


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