03 July 2019

GURPS: Star Wars

The whole DIY light saber building experience has me wanting to dust off my notes for a Star Wars campaign.

GURPS has everything I need to simulate a Jedi.

All of the powers shown on screen in any film or TV show are covered by psionics.

The light saber is a force sword.

I've long wanted to make a campaign where the players are Jedi during the clone wars.

I'd freely ignore the prequel films.

If I had a regular group of players I could run it all the way through Darth Vader hunting them down and killing them all!

Cheerful conclusion to the campaign, no?


  1. I'd rather play someone ordinary scrambling to make a living and stay alive in a war-torn galaxy. Think Han Solo, or Marvel Comic's Doctor Aphra. The Jedi always struck me as mystical twits. For that matter, who's to say there aren't other Force users out there?

    1. Please note IMPORTANT phrase, "I'd freely ignore the prequel films."

      That strips 99.99999999999% of the mystical twittery from the equation.

      I'd even hazard to introduce a dark side (pun) to the whole Jedi order and add a join or be "lobotomized" portion to Force adepts. Shades of B5 Psi-Corps? Why not!?!

      Part of the deal to keep Sith from happening is to maintain a monopoly on The Force. Turning a real, usable, psionic ability into a "mystical" rite as a means to keep the common people from trying and to steer those with the proper talents into the fold.

      As far as playing normal folks? That's called Traveller.


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