25 July 2019

This Is Not Agreed

I'm for strengthening the border.

This is not strengthening the border.

Papiere Bitte?

This is not the most recent video, but I can't find where the practice has stopped.


  1. This was by design.
    If they actually patrolled the border, they'd stop or catch everything.

    They were moved inland, by direction of TPTB, the piss off Americans, and make them want the Border Patrol abolished.

    And bear well in mind, the Border Patrol are the lowest morale, lowest-paid, least competent law enforcement agency in the whole DHS pile of retards. This is not an accident.

  2. It's a constitution-free zone. Goes back to New Year's Day court ruling (really!) in 2014
    http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/01/13/constitution-free-zones-controversial-obama-administration-policy/ They can confiscate and search your phone, laptop, tablet, whatever. It used to take a team of agents weeks to get that much information about a person. Now they can vacuum it up, stick it on their thumb drive, and search you for as long as they want.

    You know how they do big document drops on Friday so that fewer people notice? Especially on three day holiday weekends? Imagine how badly they don't want anyone to read a ruling if they do it on New Year's Day.

    Judge was a Reagan appointee, ruling during the Obamanation. Opposed by the ACLU, Libertarians and the right. It's not often that everyone agrees something is bad.


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