12 July 2019

Sticky Wicket

Pick a substance, any substance, which someone can ingest and you will find people who've ingested it to the point they've ruined their lives with it.

That includes food.

We have never, once, in human history managed to keep people from ruining their lives with their preferred substance.

On the path of ruination, they often ruin other people's lives as well.

We have seldom, if ever, managed to prevent this collateral damage.

In several attempts to prevent this ruination, we have managed to create worse than the original problem.

Organized crime is what it is because of Prohibition.

The Mexican cartels have the wealth and power they have because of the war on drugs.

Ending Prohibition did not end the wealth and power of the gangs who become The Mafia.

Legalizing drugs will not end the wealth and power of the Mexican Cartels.

The end of Prohibition did blunt the liquor gang's teeth.

Legalizing drugs will do much the same.

How do I know this?

Because it happens every single time a black market item is legalized.

They will still be criminals, and will still do crime, but the scope contracts.

The lesson to take away from this is to stop trying to impose your morals on someone just because you think it would be good for them.  You never manage to save them and nearly always create a worse problem.

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