25 July 2019

It's Published Information

There's an oddity in the do-it-yourself light saber community.


Not forum threads.  Screw threads.

The Custom Saber Shop's modular hilt system uses threads to screw all the various parts together.

UltraSabers produced a hilt which uses the same threads as The Custom Saber Shop and the fanbois went apeshit about UltraSabers' theft!

I will let everyone in on the secret.  There is no secret.

I measured the threads on the parts I bought from TCSS.


A standard thread.  A standard thread he probably selected from a drop-down menu of his CNC machine to cut the parts.

He probably selected this size because it sits dead center in the thickness of the walls he chose for his hilt tubes.

There's only so much size variation on this sort of thing you can get away with before someone can't grip it comfortably while making humming noises.

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