09 July 2019

Fight For Fifteen

First off, the fight for $15 has led to a robot buffing the floors at Wal Mart.

A good barometer about how serious your congress creature is about a $15 minimum wage, or minimum wages in general is their response to asking them about jury duty.

Florida pays either $15 per day or nothing per day depending on if you have a job where your employer pays you while on jury duty for the first three days and $30 per day after that.

Per.  Day.

You have to show up very early and don't get released until very late.  It's a 12 hour day.

$1.25 an hour for the first three days, and $2.50 an hour for the fourth and subsequent days.  Jurors are not compensated for food, travel or parking.

Compare this to the $8.46 an hour that Ghetto Mart has to pay and $15 an hour demanded of businesses which need to show their stakeholders a profit.

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