11 July 2019

Scheduler Tester

I put into the schedule que two posts for Florida's 200th anniversaries.

In a couple years for when Spain sold the place to the US.

In just less than 26 years for statehood.

Will there still be Blogger in 26 years?

Will I even be alive?

Someday, I think, blogs will be read by voice actors on a documentary show, like Civil Wars Diaries as touchstones of our age.


  1. With my luck, whoever reads my blog posts on a future documentary show will sound like Gilbert Gottfried on helium.

    Then again, that's probably what I deserve.


  2. As long as they're narrated by anything or anyone other than the computer generated voices so many videos employ. When I run across them and hear that, that's the end of my watching that video. I like the idea of Gottfried on helium idea :)


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