03 July 2019

You Can Always Resign

Dear Frederica Wilson;

There isn't a damn thing I can say to mock you that your wardrobe isn't already doing for me.

But if you don't like us making fun of your clown-pimp attire you could always quit being a congress creature.

I would say that I shouldn't have to explain to a member of Congress about the Bill of Rights, but then I noticed that you're Democrat...

But there's two things you need to be made aware of.

First off, The First Amendment is in place precisely because of people speaking out against The King and His people then getting tossed into jail for it.  Jail?  No.  Prison barges under conditions which defy imagination, but prisoners sentenced to them would have killed for the posh accommodations of a Nazi death camp.  No, I am not exaggerating.

Second, I think you forget your place, Congress Creature.  Congress is not above the people, but below.  You deserve scorn, contempt and mockery.

Want to resume the consideration due any human being?  Resign and your human status is restored and we will be unfailingly polite to you.

Continue as a subhuman denizen of Congress?  Well, you did dress for the 3-ring circus, didn't you?


  1. Is that the one that dresses like a rodeo clown in pink?


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