04 September 2019

A Day Devoured By Locusts

For not getting shit done, I sure got a lot accomplished!

One side of the sliding glass door up and died on us.  The rounded part of the track is seperated from the riser it was extruded with lo-fifty years ago when the house was new and the Earth still young.

The other side works flawlessly.

That meant rearranging the entire dining area and porch.

Anticipating this was going to cause a lot more disruption than it actually did, I binned up most of the books in the garage shelves and started to take those down to make space for things displaced.

The shelves were already doing a slow-motion collapse due to humidity's effect on particle board, so this just moved up the timeline summat.

Harvey is happy with the new fung shui.


  1. I am having trouble visualising this: Wouldn't it have been easier to fix the door?

    1. The track is part of the door-frame. I suppose that, at one time, you could buy a new track section and simply repair the frame... I cannot find anyone selling less than a complete replacement door assembly if you need something other than a roller.

      The El Cheapo door is $400 delivered. These things increase in price exponentially too, especially if you want an attractive one. And that assumes self installation.

  2. Aah ... now I understand.

    At my current abode, all the external door frames are installed inside-out, with the screen door on the inside.

    Changing them all (there are NINE external sliding glass doors) would have added about $20k to the moving bill.


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