13 September 2019

Sorry But You HAVE To Freak The Mundanes

If you don't freak the mundanes, they can ignore you and the status quo never changes.

I suggest you read up on Rosa Parks.

Did you know she was not the first person get into legal trouble by refusing to give up their seat?  She stands out as the first person that was squeaky clean enough for civil rights people to go to the mat to defend against the racist bus seating paradigm.

I repeatedly point out that gay pride marches, which freaked mundanes right the fuck out, have secured gay rights beyond the wildest dreams of even the most optimistic LGBT advocate in the early 1990's.

I sometimes think, reading pro-gun sites, that the real problem is Y'all ARE mundanes.

Don't rock the boat, stay in your lane, don't scare the white people...  This is the mundane mantra.

You can't let your freak flag fly because you're not freaks.  You're mundanes, you wanna belong, your membership depends on not freaking your fellow mundanes out.

Us freaks aren't members and cannot be further kicked out of mundane society; so we don't care if we're worrisome to your status quo.

Being a freak isn't easy.  Nonconformity always carries a price.

Ostracism is common.

Violence against us isn't quite common, but it's also not quite rare.

Society has shifted so much since I was a full on freak that it might just be hard for the fully mundane to appreciate the perspective.

You're a little different because you own a gun; but not much because there's 100 million others owning a gun too.  It's pretty dang mundane, in fact.

Yes, there's a lot that can go wrong freaking the mundanes.  But if you don't freak them, threaten their comfort zones, and make them aware of you...  Nothing happens.

Nothing?  That's not true.  Nothing happening in the pursuit of a civil rights is defacto losing rights because stagnation is a gigantic threat.  Without awareness, you can be forgotten, neglected and ignored.  "Why not ban 'assault weapons' it's not like anyone owns one."

Hiding from the scrutiny of the mundane will not save you.


  1. "I suggest you read up on Rosa Parks."

    I have, and you know what was not in the story? A bunch of black people, jumping on buses the next day and behaving like assholes to sit in the front.

    Or maybe I missed that episode of the Civil Rights Saga in PBS.

    1. So, that's where the ban on black people riding the buses came from?

      That's why they were returned to slavery?

      Oh, wait...

  2. The hole in your argument is that The OC idiots are breaking new ground like Rosa Parks. They did not break anything, the ground was already broken and they decided to take a long post-Taco-Bell-indigestion dump on it because somebody already did the work for them.

    If they really want to impress us, (and I mean the people from Florida) then they should Open Carry a rifle, 20 mags and a plate carrier outside the Legislature come next season. That is truly being Rosa Parks, not a freeloader riding coattails.

    1. Why are you assuming I'm talking about open carry?

      Where did I say that?

      True, it's an example, but it's not every instance.

  3. You sneaky flock... may the FHP pull you over for that !


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