26 September 2019

Smile You're On Candid (Body) Camera

Because commenting at Miguel's fails at random from something on my end...

I'll turn my comment to this post into a whole post here.

Prolly better here, because it's a bit tangential to him.

Where I live has body cameras on the deputies.

Our sheriff was one of the first to adopt them in Florida.

The deputies grumbled and put up mild resistance to them, at first.

What happened was complaints against deputies fell through the floor.

Did Deputy Dog really call you a racial slur?  What's the camera say?

Did Deputy Dog really hit you and cause that cut in your forehead?  My, Deputy Dog sure looks like a wall on the footage and he appears to be well outside arm's reach...

Did Deputy Dog plant those drugs in your pocket?  His empty hand go in, drugs come out...  His name is "Dog" not Penn or Teller; so...

The deputies have also found that the cameras are providing them evidence that's improving conviction rates.

Pro-tip: Don't commit a crime in front of a cop.  Doubly so if they have the means to record you committing the crime.

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