21 September 2019


If your right to do something hinges on the capricious and mercurial opinion of a soccermom®, you have already lost.

You are done.

Pack it in.

There is no more shining example of why giving women the vote was a mistake than the soccermom®.

Which is sad because, except for them, giving women the vote was the right thing to do.

But granting the right to vote to any disenfranchised portion of society hinges on them behaving like people and in a thoughtful and rational manner.

Soccermoms® are irrational troops of baboons and cannot encompass thought past their emotional response to any situation.

There's a distinction between a mother who takes their child to soccer practice and a soccermom®.


  1. Yep. Like there are men in or from Florida, and then there's Floridaman. (who usually is a lackwitted import from up north.)

    Giving someone the Vote is supposed to be reciprocated by the new votee being responsible for staying informed on issues and make an objective decision on what to vote for. Not because someone looks 'good' and plays a sax on tv...

    Part of the problem with groups being given the vote is groupthink. Sure, the individuals may have their own opinion, but too often members of the group vote as a group.

    Our founding fathers would (and probably are) be very disappointed with us.

  2. It is my opinion that in order to register to vote one must show proof of passing a civics course.

    Of course the Usual Suspects lose their ever-lovin' minds over voter ID, so you know that idea would go exactly nowhere.


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