01 September 2019


Once I figured out you have to put the jaws in staggered so they will fit through the inner race...

Tightened up the jaw expander, gave it a gentle tap with the slide hammer...  Nothing.

Gave it a medium tap...  Movement.

Two more taps just like that...  Out.

The cavity behind the bearing was nearly full of clutch dust.  It's amazing how that shit infiltrates through even the tiniest gaps and clearances.

I'd girded my loins to fight this thing all afternoon and here I am:  Officially no more parts need to be removed.

Everything from here on out is reassembly.

I believe I will have me a spot of rum to celebrate.


  1. Your at the apex,raise your arms up and fly down the hill of reassembly. Congrats,Al

  2. Glad to see you got it out in one piece.


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