26 September 2019

The Argument Against

It boils down to "criminals will do criminal stuff to you if..."

29 examples of where having a gun openly carried elicited a criminal to break the law.

I also expect that, like many mainstream media listings of sources, we weren't supposed to actually click on every link and read the article.

First thing that jumps out is several of these articles are run in magazines which are opposed to open-carry as a matter of editorial policy.  Confirmation bias is in play.  Some of the examples support their position, others do not.

In the same order as the link above:

December 26, 2017: Gun got stolen of OC'er's hip.  Lecture on how to better open carry.

October 8, 2014: Gun stolen at gun point from OC'er.

February 2, 2016: Gun stolen after being assaulted.

February 28, 2015: Gun stolen for failing at conceal carry, not actually trying to open carry. 

April 20, 2015: Gun stolen after it falls out of holster during assault BUT no mention of open carry or that the person was targeted for it.

April 19, 2012: Failed attempt to steal openly carried gun.

October 3, 2018: No mention of open carry, but implied.  Apparently the "pistol" in question was a cap and ball revolver.

October 17, 2016: Shot with own gun.  Conceal fail, not open carry attempt.

August 4, 2017: Conceal fail not open carry attempt.

April 20, 2017: While they say the victim was an open carrier, no connection is made between the shooter and the open carrying.  Especially odd since the victim was driving their car at the time of the assault, so even an openly carried gun would not be visible unless the victim was brandishing (and that would change them from being the victim wouldn't it?).

This link kills my browser.

June 29, 2016: Conceal fail not open carry attempt.

April 5, 2016: Open carrier assaulted for assisting someone else who'd just been assaulted by the assailant.  Assailant deaded by open carrier.  Open carry not a factor in the assault.

December 3, 2011: Open carrier targeted for gun and killed.

Repeat of the June 29, 2016 link.  Different, unrelated, headline.  copy-paste error

December 22, 2017: Gun stolen from open carrier.

August 17, 2015: Conceal fail, not open carry attempt.  There's even video showing no open carry.

October 7, 2014: OC'er robbed of gun at gunpoint.

October 17, 2016: Investigating a noise with your long arm isn't open carry!  This is more of a "ranged weapon, you're doing it wrong" than anything else.

December 3, 2018: THIS HAPPENED IN MEXICO!  Bar owner was CONCEALED carrying and lost his gun after drawing it from under his shirt.

December 19, 2018: OC'er gets handgun taken from a holster, but then uses long gun, also openly carried, to subdue the thief.

December 10, 2018: No mention of the victim being armed or not.

404 link

January 3, 2019: Gun stolen off the CORPSE of a motorcycle accident!  This is really what you're using to condemn open carry?

January 7, 2019: We are only told that the victim was shot and killed with his own gun.  Not a clear cut case of open carry.

February 18, 2019: Targeted for openly carrying... watch the vid.  HEADDESK on the carrier's response after he was assaulted.

March 6, 2019: Gun stolen from holster.

April 20, 2015: Not clear if the victim was targeted for open carry or if the assailant was simply nuts.

April 13, 2019: JAMAICA conceal fail not an attempt to open carry..

Green for supporting the idea that OCW is a bad plan.  Red where it doesn't.  Black where ambiguous.

Out of 27 examples with good links...  9 support the author's claim.  That means that 2/3 of the examples they chose do not.

Also, 27 examples over 8 years is not a lot of examples.  This is statistical noise.

I'm not going through the assaults on police.  People who attack the cops are in a different category of criminal.


  1. A selected list of cases where open carry had a bad result. Only 1/3 of the entries actually qualify. I have to say, I am not impressed with this person.

  2. Yet how many instances of open carry have led the open carrier to commit a crime?

    That would be... Zero. Zilch. Zero, as in Zero Stones, Zero Crates.


    And it still doesn't address how forcing concealed carry or no carry fits the definition of "Shall not be infringed."

    Um, if you're making laws restricting a fundamental right, then you're violating that right.

    Damn gunfuds, screwing it up for all of us.


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