25 September 2019

A Right Denied

Because of a right delayed.

NICS was apparently down today.

One FFL said it was down nationally.

It has resulted in Willard needing to drive all the way down to St Pete tomorrow to pick up a gun he paid for today.

This is the special Hell that universal background checks want for us all.


  1. Same for me, I have to go back today, I couldn't buy it yesterday

  2. It was down on Saturday afternoon too. was wandering the cabelas gun library and they were not happy. But an m&p15 was running $349.99..

  3. Places around here are making the sales but holding the guns until things clear.

    1. Oh they'll sell you the gun but around here cabelas and bass pro are a trip. From Nola it's 1 hour. Getting told you can't have the gun until NICs comes back so you have to make another trip from where ever you came from dampens their sales.


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