04 September 2019


Making yourself as a GURPS character is not for the faint hearted.

Well, not if you're making an honest version of yourself.

You've got to take out all the parts and look at them to assign advantages, disadvantages and skills.

I probably over-stat myself and over disadvantage.

You have to read the descriptions carefully.

Being a bit unmotivated isn't Laziness according to the rules.  Nor are you lazy if you procrastinate a lot, but really bust ass completing a project once you've started.

The Technomancer version of me raised some interesting items.

I definitely have a settled lifestyle.  With that rule in place, I can only spend 20% of my starting wealth on "adventuring equipment".   Considering that all the guns fall into that category, I had to take some serious wealth to cover the guns and home ownership.  I even got a free point of status from it because our society values home ownership.

I don't feel wealthy.  But wealth is more of an accountant's ledger than liquidity.  I have a positive balance sheet with little cash.

Something I spent a lot of time on was figuring out why Coyote Me, uncrippled from his fall from the tank thanks to magical healing, didn't end up differently than I am today.  This is the part of being introspective that can hurt your self-worth.  I can live with my character flaws.  Identifying them this way might even give me a hook to fix them.  We'll see.

Then there's The Boy...  That's staggering.  Fewer than 25% starting point value, loved one, around almost all the time...  Negative sixty points!


  1. I've wondered what I might have done in the GURPS Traveller universe. I like to think that I'd have joined the Scout Service at 18, gone into X-boats for a lot of my time in, and after twenty years got myself a Suleiman for my very own use.

    1. Boat rats don't rate detached Suleimans. A Type-S is for real scouts, not glorified librarians masquerading as mail men!

      FIRST IN!

  2. I don't have to wonder. In GT: Ground Forces, Doug Berry described my fate as a posthumous SEH recipient in exquisite detail (hint: I was portrayed as a Rapid Interface Staff Sergeant participating in the Illinois Campaign on Terra during the Solomani Rim war).

    Meanwhile, I think that it would be needlessly cruel for the IISS to grant use of a surplus Type S to a long-service X-boat jockey. Imagine the wave of agoraphobia said X-boat pilot would experience upon being exposed to the incredibly spacious accommodations of a Type S....


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