02 September 2019

And Then It Hit Me

I'm making myself as a character in GURPS: Technomancer, as a coyote chimera.

I just realized that in a world with such pervasive magic as this one has, I would not be permanently injured by my fall from the tank!

I certainly wouldn't have pursued a career in The Army.  I didn't really care for it much, to be honest.

But what I have to consider now is whom would I be had I not been disabled.

It's mind blowing.


  1. Hung on some rancher's fence in the Southwest?

    1. They do have a -10 point Social Stigma (Minority Group)...

      That's like being black in the south in the '60's.

      But since things in Technomancer tend to match the real world unless there's specified difference (like the US winning Vietnam). That means I never managed to piss off no rancher and am still around.

  2. Isn't Technomancer the setting that, as a bit of color, included Louisiana sentencing convicts to "life plus 10 years" at hard labor? IIRC, they would work the convict until he died, then reanimate the corpse and work the zombie for another 10 years.


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