09 September 2019

With A Rusty Ice-Pick

If I ever find the GM engineer who designed the "quick detach" fitting for the clutch hydraulic line...

I am stabbing them in the balls.

If it turns out to be a female engineer, I am getting her gender reassignment surgery so I can stab HIM in the balls!

Both sides of the connection are flexible.

There is no room to grab both ends and press them against each other.  The fittings are shaped so that even if you could get a pair of channel locks in there, they'd just slide right off the fitting.

Not from the top, not from the bottom.

So this ends up being a Chinese fire-drill situation where someone has to be in the wheel well pressing the master side of the line and someone else needs to be leaning over the fender and pressing the slave side of the line.


  1. You need a j33221 release tool kent moore,20.00 on ebay. future reference. You be spinning them wheels soon,Al

    1. Getting it apart was just a matter of getting a little flat-blade under the locking clip and pulling.

      What's the J-tool for pressing them back together?

      I've a new post about the misadventures of getting it connected!

  2. https://www.toolsource.com/clutch-service-tools-c-1321_119_123/gm-hydraulic-clutch-line-disconnect-tool-j42371-j36221-p-61448.html

    If this is all it is, you can make your own out of some nice stiff steel sheet metal. In fact, a cheap butterknife could be heated, bent and cut to do this job.

    1. Again, it's the reconnecting that was defeating us.

      Poor access and both parts running an interference fit; coupled with a shape that's difficult to grasp.

  3. Maybe I am too old school, but most disconnect tools I have also help re-connect the parts. Guess GM is no longer old school. Maybe this is also why the last GM product I owned was an '04 Saturn L300, after which I swore to never get another GM. To be fair, no more Ford, Volvo or Chrysler either. Amazing how reliability improved and maintenance costs dropped thereafter.

  4. Now if VW and Japan go back to timing chains, I will be in hog heaven.


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