05 September 2019

You Can Sometimes Tell When Somone Doesn't Have Kids

If a child is doing something irritating (but harmless) to get your attention, the fastest way to get it to stop forever is to ignore it.

Paying attention to them is what they desire, so paying attention to them is the last thing you should do.

There's lots of "adult" examples too.

Open carrying AT people is such a thing.  If you ignore them, they either go away or rise to the level of harm where you can do something with the legal system.

The people who hate guns do not hate us more because someone is lugging around an AK strapped across their chest.

The people who hate guns most certainly DO point to pro-gun sites bitching about the people carrying at people.  They're saying, "look, even the pro-gun kooks condemn this!" and divisions are sown among us.

Kids, I can remember when merely buying and owning something like an AR was condemned by the "normal" gun people.  How my friends and I were looked at by the population of the range when the Mini-14's with folding stocks, pistol-grips and pinned on flash-hiders came out and it is a very similar reaction to the open-toting riflemen.

I lost count of the number of ranges that restricted the rate of fire to no faster than a trapdoor Springfield and someone shooting a semi-auto had to slow to that rate.  Ranges where a magazine that wasn't legal to hunt with wasn't allowed on the range.

How common is that today?

The truth is "what's normal" moves around.

An AR is just another hunting rifle now.

The Fudd ranges that didn't allow for the most popular gun in America aren't seeing much shooting.  Their clientele have dried up.

This same sort of freak-out about methods has cost us before.

Florida lost campus carry from "you're not doing it the way I want!"

We lost the hearing protection act because people can't read.

We're losing open carry in businesses because we're providing cover to the gun grabbers.

Complaining about if it's foolish from three states away isn't how to reach the people who need to have it explained to them because there's hundreds of gun-grabbers using that condemnation against us on sensible open carry.

Because all the Bloombots report is, "even gun rights advocates oppose open carry."

PS:  I don't have to look very hard to find a pro-gun blogger who will condemn ALL open carry for them to parrot either.

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