28 September 2019


A person has rights.

People have rights.

So, to strip someone of their rights, what must you do?

Take away their personage.

This is called othering.

The first step in making someone the other is to demean them.

Call them names rather than to discuss the merits of your differences.

Insult rather than debate.

It's the lowest of the moral low grounds.


  1. Which is where we are today... sigh

  2. You, Sir, are a master of finding truth in a foggy miasma of stupidity.

    Once we on the 'right' prided ourselves on the ability to debate anything anywhere anytime, and to enjoy the debate and to consider our opponent's point of view.

    It's sad that many on the 'right' have lost the ability to debate over some issues. Sad, very sad.

    Keep up the good work. You are a sensible voice amongst a chorus of mumbling idiots. (Including me, sometimes, most times...) :)


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