19 September 2019


Bought one of the in-law's cars.

With the Mother In Law laid up they don't need two cars.

The Lovely Harvey drove it back down from the last trip to help them decipher medical billing and coding.

Getting it registered has been a pain in the ass.

I tried on Tuesday.

Do you have insurance?

Yes I do!

For this car?

I can't get insurance for a car I don't actually own.  See Florida law?

I can't transfer the title until the car is insured.

(Call my insurance company; they say, "you're covered for 90 days on any new vehicle")

I try to tell the apparatchik this.

She says nothing she can do.

Call insurance company again, explain...  They write me a policy effective midnight Wednesday morning.

So I got it done today.

I also switched my vanity tag from The Biscayne to The Precious.  Exciting stuff, that.

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