06 September 2019

I Am About Ready To Reset My Tech Clock

An dial it back to 1983.

I am fed up with planned and mandatory obsolescence.

The printer died.

Any new printer I get will not work with my old Mac because OSX 10.6.

My Win7 laptop has decided, all on its own, to no longer connect to the old Mac, which pisses me off because there's a Drobo attached to it whose sole purpose is to store the 16tb of files for remote use.

I don't want to move files around to use them on the laptop.

Oddly, the old Mac can see the laptop and read and write to it.

I'm still not done being pissed off at The Precious and it's high tech fuel system.


  1. Maybe, just maybe, an update to the Win7 box changed SMB support, thus stopping the Mac from connecting.

    In Windows 7, the SMB protocols (there are more than one) can be turned on/off using Powershell - a web search for "SMB1 Windows 7" should find the info you need.

  2. Search e-bay for another printer exactly like your old one. I find this easier and usually cheaper than going through the hassles of trying to get an older computer to work with a new printer. Has the added bonus of allowing me to keep using same cartridges and toner (my collection of which goes back to the black and white days).

    1. I did, and while the printer price is reasonable, it's a bait and switch for shipping.

      $40 printer and $100 shipping is WAY too common.


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